Newfound Glue

Soon after the massacre the recruiting started. Rattenfield was strategically important and the location was chosen as the location for the military base. professional soldiers from the empire of Drakuul and recruits from Rattenfield and other newly occupied territories gathered in the plains around Rattenfield in tents.

A decree was made in Rattenfield on the day the recuits were moved to the camps. There was to be no direct contact between the recruits and their families. But in its stead was to be introduced a new manner of communication, "mail". "The organizational capabilities of the Drakuul empire have given rise to the system of mail, you may write what you want to say to your loved ones, or whoever else, and write their name and where they live on the envelope and hand it over to the mailmen. Our mailmen will take the piece of paper to the destination without fail, everytime. Exchanging letters like this is an integral part of the great civilization of Drakuul which you will now be a part of. This is one of the glues that holds together our glorious civilization."

That night saw a congregation in the town square of mothers writing letters to their kids in the army camps. Their tears ran down thier cheeks. Upon seeing tears on the letter, the post man standing there came up to the writer of the letter and said: "Dear madam, I understand that you want to show your true emotions to your child, but the tears only make the letter more difficult to read. I request that you wipe off your tears well before they have a chance to drip off your cheek." To this the woman turned to the postman with a stern and hapless face and said "These tears are my true emotions." The postman exhaled with empathy. He then went on to say, "Do you know how the glue used in embroidery is mixed with glitter?" He continued with a voice filled with empathy and purpose, "If the letter is the glue that binds you and your son, your tears are the glitter sprinkled on the glue."

The mother at once started crying loudly and jumped into the arms of the postman. And she cried and cried. So feeble is the glue that binds this superior civilaztion, such is the cost of such organizational capabilities. Such is the life being forced onto these people. And such is the spirit of the human soul which regrets being shaped by its own will.

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Chennai Anime Club Litpunch - November 2022. Prompt: She sprinkled glitter onto the glue.