Of Men And Of Kings

“What were you lost in thought about Exandraltrius?”

“Hmm… , not much really. Thoughts of what it means to be a man that is not a king, a man that is no longer a king and a man without a king.”

“Has it any significance to what we must do now, milord?”

“Milord again, I see.”

“Exandraltirus Garcia, has your impeccable intellect been dwelling on matters of any importance at all since you came to wake this morning?”

“That’s a scary face you have there Rutgere. If we remained in the castle we would be either dead or enslaved.”

“It nevertheless falls unto me to ensure that Milord's expeditious intellect is steered in an immediate direction that has the consequence of preventing imminent threats that befall us.”

“Stop talking like that.”

“Should we be looking for people?” Rutgere said after a pause.

“We should set up camp.”

“What do you mean?” Rutgere asked, knowing fully well that Exandraltrius doesn’t just say obvious things like that.

“I was thinking if it was possible to set up a camp that has all the facilities of a stationary town, but was completely mobile.”


“I don’t really know myself. We would need some horses for this at the very least”

“What do you mean Milord? Do you mean a caravan like a baggage train of a war party which is constantly replenished with food by means of hunting?”

“That is part of it, yes, but more than that. The thing that sets a town apart from a baggage train is that it has the ability to sustain craftsmen and smiths and is thus able to elevate the state of humanity.”




“Stop talking like that.”

“So, what craftsmanship are we to do without a single tool in hand?”

“Does craftsmanship start with tools now?”

“Huh… , what does it start with then?”

“It starts with people Rutgere.”

“Huh, … , And who will these people be?”

“I don’t know Rutgere, we need to find these people, there are certainly more men without a king that wander the lands.”

“The lands you say, Milord?”

“The lands indeed Rutgere.”

“ … And do you intend to be their king then Exandraltrius?”

“I am no longer a king Rutgere. I am not obligated to be their king.”

“... Though it may surely be that they will be much elated to be your subjects, Milord, I suspect that is not the only force that could legitimately drive you into kingship.”

“Stop talking like that. And also, that is exactly what I was wondering. Is it really necessary for men that live among men to have a king?”

Rutgere Welkins, who was standing up talking to Exandraltrius Garcia who was sitting cross-legged on the grassy bank of the stream went silent for a while as he stared at his fellow man who was now no longer his king with his lips parted ever-so-slightly. He then turned to look emptily at the woods lining the bank with his shoulders dropping as he remembered to exhale. He sat down facing the stream by Exandraltrius, head hung and immediately lifted.

“What of food for the day Milord?”