Petroleum Propaganda

The New Silk Road Times - 13th November 487 Since Epoch


The following article reached the central Siberia office of the New Silk Road Times on the 27th October 487 Since Epoch. It was written by Heindhrian Hugges, esteemed investigative journalist. Its voracity has ben verified by checking the signature against Hugges' public key, Atlantis684.


Self Identity: Heindhrian Hugges

Index of cryptographic key used to sign this message in the Universal Asymmetric Key Register: Atlantis684

Place of writing: Samatlor, Siberia.

Date of writing: 27OctS.E

Intended recipients: Publishers of public news.

Following post apocalyptic efforts to redevelop modern technologies, much progress has been made in the rediscovery of such modern technologies as electricity. It is now widely understood that electricity was indeed the biggest driver of the development of modern society.

As many readers would know, much of this progress has come as a result of brave expeditions into the modern cities of Milan and Delhi, unearthing textbooks meant for the education of children between the ages of 13 and 17. As is well known, the language of English was widespread in the world before the Epoch for unknown reasons and was used in education even in Delhi. The books uncovered in regions such as Japan and Korea proved impossible to read because knowledge of the language has been lost.

It has been deduced from the study of these textbooks that electricity would be extracted from the burning of "fossil fuels." Details of how one extracts electricity from what is presumably a simple combustion in atmospheric oxygen and then distributes the said electricity over "power lines" is as of yet not very clear. But from the textbooks that were able to be read so far, redevelopers have deduced some possible locations of extraction of these "fossil fuels." It should be noted that the word fossil used here has indeed been confirmed as being used in the same sense as the insult "old fossil." The modern people believed that "fossil fuels" are not-completely-decayed dead bodies of pre-historic life forms.

The subject of my writing today is to inform the public regarding the discovery of one such site of fossil fuel extraction. The site, which has been called an "oil field" in modern literature, is Samatlor, located here, in Siberia. Indeed massive machines of modern steel were found of scales even larger than the factories found in Delhi or Tokyo. The manner of operation of these contraptions is as of yet not known. The rediscovery party I have been invited to participate in is scheduled to leave the place today, we have been able to reach here only yesterday. The trigonometers have estimated the height of the contraptions in the vicinity of 200 meters, that is over a hundred times the height of a grown man.

An interesting conversation regarding the alternative apocalypse of the heat death of the planet due to the greenhouse effect took place around the fireplace. There was one scholar of modern texts that revealed that he had found a source asserting that the burning of fossil fuels is what causes the greenhouse effect. This of course goes against current day understanding of the modern world because it implies that modern humans actively engaged in and relied upon for their subsistence, activities that were apocalyptic, as electricity was essential to the subsistence of the modern human society.

This gentleman had been part of the Milan some Milan rediscovery teams, but this is the first I had seen him. The man however seemed to be a strong proponent of the largely controversial apocalyptic trap theory and we decided to pay him not much heed. The lack of concrete disproof of the apocalyptic trap theory, which states that the thermomucelar war was but one of many apocalypses that was waiting to happen, does however seem to be a critical problem since even those that are of esteemed education seem to be buying into it. This might very well turn into propaganda of the scale when domestication of animals was attempted.

The apocalyptic trap theory is unsuitable for the current society which has developed such technologies as metal working and elk riding by trying to emulate our memories of the modern human society. The asymmetric cryptographic techniques we have today are proof beyond doubt that rediscovery is the way to progress in this post apocalyptic world.

signed: a3fcg8x2f610576e1jzj3jdlao3kd9cihmks0g8jw2m9vkt5n3lx9wsaqeto13

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