Roads That Wanted Wear

In the distance there was a winding road that seemed to lead absolutely nowhere. The journey began at a time that seemed to be absolutely nowhere and the places they visited seemed to be absolutely nowhere. They just kept walking devoid of purpose with only a fleeting yet clear sense of belonging with each other. The horses would eat from the grass on the plains. They would find their food somehow. Water was often a scarce resource that needed to be stored for upto 3 days. The trio that had inadvertently become travellers had learnt to travel from water source to water source. Why did they never stop travelling you ask? It was probably a lingering sense of unrest. It might have been that the feet grew fond of wear. These no-longer-kids have for the first time since time immemorial though, seem to have now reached lands that speak a language they don’t recognize.

They had continuously chased the Sun in their never ending journey, never turning back. But now with the reality that they found themselves unable to trade with the people they encountered, turning back and travelling against the Sun seemed like a wise idea. But wisdom was not how they made their choices. If it was, they would not have travelled for so long.