Greetings From Sahasragiri

Dear Haudstus Avauntyul,

My name is Garalasaara Saptavarnasri. I am an archer of the highest possible military rank in the Sagittarius division of the army of Sahasragiri. Sahasragiri is the mountainous land that borders the South Eastern frontier of Khrayisyaun and Hohriyavn and the Eastern frontier of Ohrisviyavn. But it is not in this capacity that I write this letter to you. In fact the context of this letter is a very intricate one and one you might find hard to believe. But I have been convinced that this letter will be delivered to you in due time in a manner that accompanies sufficient proof of the validity of what I am about to describe.

I have meditated very long as to how I might describe this context, but in the end, I do feel it is best to put out the most central facts up front: You are a fictional character in my reality in a work called The infinite fortress written by Aryurn Bveirzur. I am a great admirer of yours and am writing this letter with the intention of handing over a copy to Aryurn and he will eventually work into the story that you have recieved these letters breaking the fourth wall.

In this manner I admit to being a fangirl that is abusing her power to be able to write to her favourite fictional character. With that being said, there is a more serious objective to this writing.

I am a high archer in the Sagittarius division. High archers, or Garudadhanurdhari are archers that are capable of hitting targets over 5 kilometers away with the assistance of the kinetic control methods of those trained in the kaalakrutha methods to accelerate the arrow after it has left the bow. Kaalakrutha translates into "forged by time" and is a reference to how their art is by far the one that takes the longes time spent in training to even begin to show any meaningful progress. Those trained in this art are naturally held in very high regard. But it is the high archers that are considered to stand at the pinnacle of all skills, for the ability to release an arrow with the accuracy required to hit a target at the five kilometers required to qualify as a high archer is is the skill that is considered to require the most of qualities such as poise, composure, decisiveness, introspection, judgement, understanding of material reality and emotional tranquility.

With this context let me now describe the more serious objective to this writing. The high archers, owing to their acknowledged status as standing at the pinnacle of objective judgement, are considered to have the responsibility to leave behind an account of society as a record for the generations to come and maybe for those of extraordinary curiousity in the present generation. Thus, me writing these letters to you (yes, this is only the first of many letters you will get from me) is a manner of chronicling my experiences to this end. A rather unique manner of doing so, if I may say so myself. I was elated when I recieved a positive reply from Aryurn on this proposal.

So, that is the context. It does interest me greatly as to what you think of this. Please do write back to me and let me know how you find this arrangement. So, with that out of the way, let me now describe to you the reality I live in. I hope you find the world as I describe interesting in its own right, for it is a timeline that is certainly very different from the one you live in.

Our timelines diverge around the year 789 by the Kreiyol calendar. On the 252nd day of this year, the people of Khrayisyaun came into contact with our people as they ventured to climb the rather steep Western frontier mountains of Sahasragiri. After a brief cultural exchange, Khrayisyaun was conquered by the ever expanding Kreiynauv empire on the 29th day of the 828th Kreiyol year. The Kreiynauv empire then turned to conquer Sahasragiri and after a military campaign which made initial gains, the military regiments of Sahasragiri which are normally mandated to be hostile to one another in order to maintain the balance of power convened and presented a united front that was able to force the Kreiynauv army back and after much deliberation and appeals by the people of Khrayisyaun and Ohrisviyavn, the united front, now called Sagittarius, decided to conduct a liberating, punitive and preventive military campaign against the Kreiynauv empire. The heartlands of the Kreiynauv empire are currently under the direct administration of the Sagittarius regiment. The lands to the west of the Kreiynauv heartlands have declared themselves independent and it is very much the job of the Sagittarius regiment to present military resistance against these peoples to the Kreiynauv lands. The date today by the Kreiyol calendar is the 98th day of the 870th year.

Today, Kreiynauv is in relative peace and the people that were born after the capitulation of Kreiynauv in the 835th Kreiyol year live in a time much more prosperous than that under the corruption driven rule of the Kreiyan dynasty. Aryurn is such a man and he writes in The infinite fortress of a corrupt Kreiynauv empire in a world that never discovered the people that lived in the mountains that bordered the eastern flank of the known world and of you who attempts to take action against the prevailing forces that organize society in that state to achieve a better world without the military intervention of a foreign power.

I myself am cuurently at the end of a haitus that has lasted for 224 days which I had to take because I had lost my touch as an archer and was unable to hit targets further than half a kilometer. An archer who once qualifies as a high archer however, remains a high archer for life and I have been deeply introspecting, practicing and reading the accounts of my predecessors to regain my aim. I am now heading out to the Nokoran theater. Needless to say, I have regained my aim. One of the consequences of my little haitus is that I have thought up this somewhat pretentious way of chronicling my experiences.

I shall take my leave here then and I shall write to you regularly from here on. Knowing what I do about you, I hope you will find it interesting to read of a world similar to yours in many ways but different in many others, as I do reading about yours.

Yours Truly

Garalasaara Saptavarnasri