The Campfire

They however did not walk towards the road, choosing instead to walk to their left towards the large pond that was bordered by a forest on the far end to set up camp for the night. Their encounters at the previous settlement they encountered had left them mentally exhausted and they desired to stay put for a while. They might stick around the pond for a few days as they look around the forest and tend to their gear. They reached the lakeside with about an hour to spare before sundown and pulled out the tent cloth from the cart. It was pieces of wood from the cart itself that would be used as the skeleton for the tent. They would put them back in place once the tent was folded. They had firewood reserves, but the site they had arrived at seemed to have wood lying around. It was normal for them to fish when possible, but today they were clearly more interested in sitting around the campfire and talking. Once the fire was set up, they pulled out grain they had just looted from the village and broke off a leg from the deer they had hunted yesterday.

Normally they would not consume the grain when there was meat around, for the meat goes bad quickly, but this time around, maybe they wanted to express their anger towards that village that had for no apparent reason treated them so badly.