The Drgaon, It takes

There stood a throne decorated with gold and silver in a room so large that it could fit a hundred men. The path to it from one of the doors was paved with a red carpet laced with gold thread. This door is framed in gold with velvet fabric and made with dark brown mahagony. The other entrances were without doors and curtained with velvet. Hanging from the roof of the room were several banners, dyed skyblue and pattened with gold threads, they carried on them the emblem of the house of the dragon. A golden dragon, snake like and convoluted, looking up with its mouth ferociouly open, it was a sight as magnificent as this land had seen.

This was the throne room made for the purpose of the king's council in the castle of rattenfield, now in the hands of the house of Drakuul, rulers of lands further West. Rattenfield fell five years ago and there has been a new king of the Drakuul since. And the king Roppenhein now wanted war like his father before him. It was from Rattenfield that was the logical choice to continue the work of his predecessors. It would be the people of Rattenfield that would be levied for this endeavour. As was the tradition of the Drakuul, it was decreed, that the people of Rattenfield were to endure this labor before they would be accepted into the prosperity of the Drakuul. And buying the advanced weapons of war of the Drakuul with their gold would be how they integrate into the economy.

The king Roppenhein had come to deliver the decree himslef, he would of course, lead the military campaign that was to follow. The decree was that each household would send a man to the war, those without an able man would send an able woman, those with neither would be taxed for their incompetence.

It was three days since the decree. A man came out into the street shouting "The dragon it takes our gold, it takes our people, it is on a kidnapping spree." There were people that came out shouting his slogan behind him. The man took the people into the town square. The gates to the square closed around the people. And what followed was a massacre. And the man was made general of the Drakuul forces.

These are the methods, this is the way, and these are the values of the Drakuul that ruled the prosperous lands of the West. And this is the army that Craviohl is now to face.

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Chennai Anime Club Litpunch - November 2022. Prompt: The Dragon does collect gold, it collects people, it's on a kidnapping spree.